Friday, June 26, 2015

In case you’re wondering what those photos are all about, you’re...

In case you’re wondering what those photos are all about, you’re seeing images of what you can do on your own barbecue by using the latest barbecue gadget - the BBQ Grill Mat. These handy items haven’t been around that long but they are gaining in popularity very rapidly because they provide a whole new world of possibilities with the barbecue grill

Before the grill mats came along I never would have dreamed that I could cook an entire breakfast on the grill and so I had never gone out on the deck in the early morning and used the barbecue before. It’s such a pleasant time to cook outside and I have come to enjoy it immensely.

I got these Chef Caron grill mats for a Fathers’ Day gift and wasn’t even sure what the purpose of them was or what use they would be at first. After reading the instructions on the back of the package I had the “ah-ha moment.” I know, they aren’t that complicated. But keep in mind, I’ve been using my barbecue the same way to cook the same things for longer than most people who are reading this have been alive. I’m not kidding. We do get entrenched in our habits, that’s for sure. Even when I understood that you were supposed to just put the grill mats on the grate of the BBQ and cook on them, I was a bit resistant. It just seemed like it defeated the purpose of the whole barbecue experience, or at least changed it so much that it wasn’t even the same process anymore. 

After I thought about it for a while I figured I’d better try it, since I didn’t want to offend my daughter who had excitedly given me the mats on Fathers’ Day. Nothing like guilt to force you into new experiences. 

 I do it every morning now. So you’re probably wondering what I cook on the BBQ grill for breakfast. Well, as you can see in the images, there’s eggs and pancakes. It’s pretty fun to fry an egg and end up with grill marks on it. Same thing with pancakes. But there’s also the hash browns, sausages, bacon, mixed vegetables, and omelettes. With the lid closed you can bake fresh biscuits on your barbecue grill, too. 

Obviously this isn’t Just a breakfast device and I do use it when making dinner meals too. I use a grill mat on one side of the barbecue and cook my steaks on the other side. My daughter is still insisting that I try the steaks on the mat too - she says I’ll like them a lot better prepared that way. But the fact is I like them just fine the way I’ve been doing it for forty some years. Anyway, for an old dog to learn one new trick is a big deal. I don’t need to push it. 

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