Monday, June 1, 2015

Liked on YouTube: BBQ Grill Mat - BBQ Accessories & BBQ Tools

BBQ Grill Mat - BBQ Accessories & BBQ Tools -- Fantastic BBQ Tools: No more little stuff falling through the grates! No more messy grill cleaning! The Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mat & BBQ Accessories are the solution of choice for grilling and barbecuing problems and frustrations. What could be easier? The bbq grill mat is an elegant and simple solution. Everyone who grills and barbecues knows exactly what this means. Ever had fish that stuck to the grate and you lost half of it trying to flip it over? Ever try grilling asparagus and accidentally dropped it through the cracks? Is your barbecue grill covered with caked on old grease and food? Well you just need a couple of these new BBQ Accessories. Here's the solution. You get two large (largest available 13.25 x 17 inches) Chef Caron BBQ grill mats and lay them side by side on the grill. Then go ahead and fry and egg, or cook some hashbrowns or bacon on them. Go for some chopped veggies or a grilled cheese sandwich. We have a video on how to choose the best bbq grill mat for your particular needs right here: And, as the guy on the As Seen On TV ad says, "there's more!" You can cut a BBq grill mat to any size and shape that you want. Use them for cooking sheets, baking sheets, oven liners, stove top burner protectors, dehydrator sheets, and anything thing else that requires a nonstick surface. Easy to clean, easy to transport, great for camping and all outdoor food activities these are one of the coolest and slickest (joke) bbq accessories to come along in a long time. Check out the new Chef Caron BBQ tools - the BBQ grill mat. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: GOOGLE + #BBQGrillMat #BBQTools #ChefCaron #BBQAccessories
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