Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Move over, Genovese! Try these types of basil instead.

Basil encompasses more than just the basic sweet ‘Genovese’ staple. Try growing one of these types to expand your understanding of what basil can do in dishes and drinks. If you want even more basil options, check out our favorite basil varieties.


THAI SWEET Slender, smaller leaves yield a spicy anise flavor that goes well with Asian dishes. Quick to produce showy purple flowers, it’s as ornamental as it is edible.


PURPLE VARIETIES such as ‘Purple Ruffles,’ ‘Dark Opal,’ and ‘Red Rubin.’ Leaves give pink or purplish color to lemonade, cocktails, and herbed vinegars and lend a full-flavored anise kick beyond sweet basil.


BOXWOOD BUSH Compact varieties of ‘Spicy Bush’ and ‘Box-wood’ with tiny leaves that don’t require chopping. Just pull the leaves off the stem, and sprinkle over pasta and pizza.

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