Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Liked on YouTube: Grilling Mats - BBQ Tools by Chef Caron

Grilling Mats - BBQ Tools by Chef Caron Let's have a glance at the best means to take care of your new BBQ tools, the Chef Caron BBQ grilling mats. Granted, a grilling mat may not look like much, but appearances may be deceiving. It's really similar to having a pricey non-stick pan that you can roll up. That is quite simply what grill mats are, but they're even better, since with the BBQ grilling mats you can use both sides. The grilling mats require the identical treatment as other high-end non-stick culinary utensil. A chef's non-stick cooking equipment will certainly still look brand new after years of service, and your mats should as well, if you know how to work with them and care for them correctly. First of all, remove your grilling mats from the container and clean them thoroughly in soap and water to remove any manufacturing and packaging debris. Do not use abrasives of any kind when washing the mats: no scratch pads or powdered cleaners. Use only water, liquid soap and a soft cloth. Rinse them well, and soak up the excess water using a soft dry cloth. Allow them to air-dry until all moisture is eliminated from the surface. Keep your BBQ grilling mats rolled and stored in the container they came in, to shield them from damage. Utilize your dishwasher if that is your preference-- grill mats are dishwasher-safe, but use the top rack only. After washing and drying your new BBQ grilling mats you're nearly in position to put them to use. First though, you'll need to get some specific products to make use of the mats efficiently and not damage them. The techniques used with BBQ grill mats are a bit different from those employed when working directly on the grill. Do not make use of metal tools on the BBQ grilling mats. When metal comes into contact with PTFE it leaves scratches and these accumulate eventually and break down the stability of the cooking surface. The most reliable products to use are a set of silicone tipped pincers and a plastic spatula, so make sure to obtain those, before you begin using the BBQ grilling mats. You can find them at any shop that sells kitchen implements. Happy grilling! AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: WEBSITE: GOOGLE + #grillingmats #BBQTools #ChefCaron
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