Friday, May 29, 2015

Liked on YouTube: BBQ Grill Mat #2 Caring for your BBQ Accessories

BBQ Grill Mat #2 Caring for your BBQ Accessories Granted, a BBQ grill mat doesn't look like much, but appearances can be deceiving. It's really like having an expensive non-stick pan that you can roll up. That's essentially what grill mats are, but you can use both sides. The BBQ Grill Mat requires the same care as any other high-end non-stick cooking utensil. A chef's non-stick cookware will still look new after years of use, and your mats will too, if you learn to use them and maintain them correctly. First of all, remove your grill mats from the box and wash them thoroughly in soap and water to remove any manufacturing and packaging residues. Never use abrasives of any kind when cleaning a barbecue grill mat: no scratch pads or powdered cleaners. Use only water, liquid soap and a soft cloth. Rinse them well, and wipe off the excess water with a dry cloth. Allow them to air-dry until all moisture is gone from the surface. You can use your dishwasher if you prefer -- grill mats are dishwasher-safe, but use the top rack only. Keep your BBQ grill mats rolled up and stored in the box they came in, to protect them from scratching. After washing and drying your new BBQ grill mat set, you're almost ready to put them to use. First though, you'll need some specific tools to use the mats effectively and not damage them. The techniques used with bbq grill mat are a bit different than those used when working directly on the grill. Never use metal tools on the mats. Whenever metal comes into contact with PTFE it leaves scratches which will break down the integrity of the cooking surface. The best tools to use are a set of silicone tipped pincers and a hard plastic spatula, so be sure to acquire those, before you start using the mats. You can find them at any store that offers kitchen implements. Have fun with your new Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mat. This is a four part instructional series and you are currently on Video #2, Caring for your Grill Mat: You can find the next video which is about getting ready to use your BBQ grill mat here: Video #3: Just in case you missed it, Video #1 How to Choose a BBQ Grill Mat can be found here: AMAZON: Available here: TWITTER: PINTEREST: WEBSITE: GOOGLE + #BBQGrillMat #MiracleGrillMat #BarbecueGrillMats
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