Friday, May 29, 2015

Liked on YouTube: BBQ Grill Mat #1 - Choosing Your BBQ Tools

BBQ Grill Mat #1 - Choosing Your BBQ Tools When it comes to the BBQ Grill Mat "As Seen on TV", the truth can get stretched quite a bit and we'll set the record straight for you in this video. The non-stick BBQ Grill mat has experienced a sizable growth in popularity, and that isn't surprising, considering that it does bring a number of actual conveniences and advantages to the procedure of barbecuing. In essence a BBQ grill mat is a fibreglass fabric, protected by using a non-stick, heat-resistant finish of poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene, also called PTFE. They were made most famous by the now obsolete Miracle grill mat, which was probably the most popular of the as seen on TV grill mats Essential Fact: The FDA allows PTFE-coated grilling equipment to be used only at temps below 500 degrees Farenheit. So virtually any promotions you spot for "Extra High Temperature Mats" or "Military Grade High Heat Mats" or "Industrial Quality 600 degree Mats" are nothing more than advertising gimmicks. You at no time want to use any non-stick cooking equipment at temperatures higher than 500 degrees. So in theory, every barbecue grill mat is essentially alike -- since they're all produced out of the exact same materials. Practically though, there are definitely several crucial dissimilarities to become knowledgeable about when ordering mats. A BBQ Grill Mat can be found in a number of different densities. We have found the ideal thickness to be .20mm. The mats are still light enough to transmit heat promptly, but sufficiently heavy to be long wearing and durable. Yet another big difference is the amount of PTFE coating on the fiberglass material. This is the most reliable indication of mat quality because it affects the resilience of the mat, the slickness of the surface area and the simplicity of cleaning. Double-coated mats are commonly retailed as "Professional or Commercial Quality Mats," and are actually a more durable mat. You can recognize mat because the minute squares of fiberglass cloth are almost invisible to either sight or touch. You aren't able to detect them and you can't perceive them on the mat's material. On lesser quality mats you can both feel and see the texture of the underlying fiberglass. An additional factor to consider is the dimension of the BBQ grill mat you are purchasing. With a grill mat, bigger is superior because you can cut them to exactly the specifications you want. They normally are available in a 13 inch width, but the length varies from 13 inches up to about 17 inches, so look for the longest mats. And that's really it. To summarize: any time you are purchasing a BBQ Grill Mat, try to find a large size, double-coated mat at the very least .2 mm thick. And watch out for attention-grabbers that claim to offer extra-heat resistance. This is a four part video series. You can view Part 2, which is about how to are for your BBQ grill mat set once you purchase it, here: AMAZON: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: WEBSITE: GOOGLE + #BBQGrillMat #GrillMatsAsSeenOnTV #ChefCaron
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