Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Liked on YouTube: How to Open a Bottle of Wine -- Wine Corkscrew Instructions

How to Open a Bottle of Wine – Wine Corkscrew Instructions - Complete Instructions on how to open a bottle of wine with a Chef Caron corkscrew - which is also referred to as a Waiters Wine Key. The old fashioned method of opening a wine bottle, where much of the ritual and elegance that surrounds the serving of wine originated, is not as widely used as you might think. There are a lot of wine keys in kitchen drawers all over the country and the planet, but many people don’t actually know how to use them. It’s not that we’re all hung up on ancient rules about how to serve wine or how to open a bottle of wine, but you can actually injure your hand by using a wine key incorrectly as many people have done. The screwpull corkscrew is a Swiss Army knife style and generally has a flip out wine bottle foil cutter, a small serrated blade that is used to cut the foil right below the lip of the bottle. Some people try to cut the entire foil sleeve off the bottle. Which is why these wine gadgets can be a bit dangerous. The slipperiness of the bottle will cause the blade to slip and possibly cut the person using it. So don’t use these wine tools like that. You’ve been warned. Hopefully after watching the video you won’t be tempted to do that anyway. There are a lot of options when you’re looking for a wine opener, and bar accessories in the home tend toward the bigger flashier styles. But the traditional corkscrew is still the quickest and the best when you know how to use it. And virtually none of the other options feature a wine bottle foil cutter. This video will show you how to open a wine bottle when using the old screwpull wine opener. Most of these types of wine accessories come with a double hinged feature which is characteristic of the waiter corkscrew. The purpose of the double hinged wine key is to be able to pull the wine cork straight up out of the bottle so it won’t split or break, creating a great difficulty in removing it. By using the upper pry point on the fulcrum arm first, to raise the cork from the neck of the bottle, and then switching to the lower pry point on the end of the fulcrum, no sideways pressure is exerted on the cork itself and it comes out easily. All of this is clearly demonstrated in the video. Don’t forget these clever gadgets next time you are looking for wine gifts online for your favorite wine enthusiast. You might also be interested in this video about the Chef Caron 3 in 1 Wine Wand: – or the Chef Caron Wine Saver & Wine Preserver Kit: You can see all of the Chef Caron Wine Gadgets and Wine Gifts Here: AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: #HowToOpenaBottleofWine #HowtoOpenaWineBottle #Corkscrew #WaitersKey #Winekey
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