Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Liked on YouTube: BBQ Grill Mat - BBQ Tools and Paul Bunyan

BBQ Grill Mat - BBQ Tools and Paul Bunyan There are quite a few tall tales surrounding the nonstick BBQ grill mat and among the silliest is the claim that there are unique nonstick BBQ grill mats are out there (industrial, military, whatever) that, as opposed to other mats, may be used at ambient temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit - in contrast to the 500 degree limitation that's commonly referenced. This Chef Caron video quickly clarifies why that's not only impossible but it's also a very bad idea. Because every bbq grill mat on the market is manufactured from the same material, polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), it is all subjected to the exact same limitations. It doesn't matter how much PTFE you put on a bbq grill mat, it still has to be used at medium heat, meaning a 500 degree maximum. That restriction is spelled out in the FDA regulations concerning nonstick cookware. You can also watch a four part instructional series on the BBQ grill mat from Chef Caron if you want to get the straight scoop on what the BBQ Grill Mat can and cannot do. The first video in that series can be found here: AMAZON: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: WEBSITE: #PTFE #BBQGrillMat #ChefCaron #BBQTools
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